Spirituality For The Rest Of Us

I had to learn to separate spirituality from religion.

The Author
Linville M. Meadows, M.D.

 Turn of a Phrase details the literary works of Lin Meadows, former internationally recognized cancer research scientist and practicing oncologist, faculty position at two major university medical centers, addicted to cocaine and alcohol at age 49.  Former Teamster, pizza cook, truck driver, plasterer’s helper and manager of rock jazz band.  Required soul food: Beethoven, Grateful Dead, Puccini, and Bob Dylan.  Best tools: Martin D-16, Canon 60D and The Book of Matthew.

Earthworm, Grasshopper and Butterfly seek to find spirituality in everyday life.

The New Adventures of Earthworm, Grasshopper and Butterfly.

The New Adventures of Earthworm, Grasshopper and Butterfly is a collection of conversations on everyday spirituality. Every morning three seekers after spiritual truth meet for coffee at the Cafe Kavavita.  Earthworm, commonly known as Jim Thatcher, first met with Ed Harper,  later to be known as Grasshopper, in the early fall.  They shared their love of coffee and soon realized they had more in common than coffee.   Both had struggled for answers that have plagued humans since shepherds first stared at the night sky.  Who are we, why are we here and where are we going? With time, answers came and shortly thereafter so did Butterfly, completing the trio. Together the three meet every morning for steaming coffee and deep conversation.

  Stephen Minotaur, Confessions of an Addicted Physician.

An echo of the tragic tale of Ariadne, Theseus and the Minotaur.

An echo of the tragic tale of Ariadne, Theseus and the Minotaur.

How does a man with all the advantages life has to offer fall so low?  Expelled from  the “the perfect life” as a University Professor, Stephen’s descent into darkness slowly robs him of all the moral virtues he once prized so highly until finally he loses everything. Alone, without help, falling further into the pit of darkness, his only solace comes from the needle and the bottle.  Exhausted, destitute and broken, he ends up in a dark alley chasing the dope man but instead finds unexpected relief.  Florida Writer’s Convention Award Winner.

A practical guide to the spirituality of recovery from addiction and alcoholism.

A Physician’s Guide to Recovery from Addiction

Finally!   A Physician’s Journey through Addiction, A Practical Guide to Spiritual Recovery has its own web site.  James Frey be damned!  In the real world, how can a person find a new way of living that is powerful enough to overcome addiction?  Where do I begin?  How do I do it?  And what does a doctor know that I don’t?  Not so much a memoir as a textbook on the growth of the spirit.  Not so much another self-help book as a guide for the weary and the lost.


A Madness of the Heart.  

The compulsion of love gone mad.

A Madness of the Heart

Sitting on the porch of his mountain cabin, Jim tells  his friend Larry the long hidden story of his lost love, Lucy.  Jim has kept the secret cloistered in the depths of his mind for years, certain it must accompany him to the grave. After flunking out of grad school while “writing poetry on the back of a motorcycle,” Jim meets Lucy and is smitten, able to concentrate on nothing else, little realizing that Lucy is only using him.  Devastated, Jim falls into the tangle of manic-depression.  Climbing back from insanity, he learns that Lucy has been kidnapped and he sells everything he has to follow her.  Deep in the jungle of his mind, he is overwhelmed by the madness of his own heart.


Poems for Strangers

Poetry.  Special this week on the Tales of Brave Odysseus and the faithfulness of Penny.  Ody and Pen are at it again. Love, Joy and the Ineffable.   Enough Said.




Dad with Hat

Photography, I see!

Photography, I see!

Soon, Photopoetics:

The Collision of Black and White on Paper.


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    I like your site. I’m still working at UNC, but I went from the lab bench to the server room as an outside contractor.

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    Interesting cast of characters. Please tell the tale. Now, please.

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  9. Ronald Jost says:

    In the natural what does
    Earthworm grasshoper and butterfly mean to u

    • admin says:

      These three characters represent different aspects of my own personality,
      which allows me to give voice to ideas from several points of view,
      seeking a consensus that is useful in everyday life.

      Thanks for your comment,


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